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        Mistakes In The Use Of Electric Vehicle Batteries

        Jun. 20, 2019

        As an E-bike Battery Pack Exporter, let's talk about the big mistakes in the use of electric vehicle batteries today.

        It is well known that electric vehicle batteries can be damaged to varying degrees due to improper charging or rainy weather, especially after two or three years of driving, even if the battery is fully charged. It is also very short. The main reason is that friends who have been riding a tram should have this feeling. In fact, this is also a normal phenomenon. After all, the electric vehicle battery itself has its own life span. Some unreasonable artificial use shortens the life of the 36V E-bike Battery Pack, so its battery life is reduced.

        It is strictly forbidden to overcharge. Some people are used to charging at night. The next morning, the power is removed. It is not known that this kind of behavior will cause a serious burden on the battery and affect the service life. This behavior can cause a lot of damage to the battery. In particular, frequent over-discharge can cause damage to the electrode plates and therefore cannot be excessively discharged. Therefore, consumers are advised to charge during the day so that they can be turned off in time after they are fully charged. Daily riding habits also have a certain impact on the battery life of electric vehicles. Driving at a constant speed and less sudden braking are the best protection for electric vehicle batteries.

        36V E-bike Battery Pack

        Electric vehicles don't have to be placed in the sun and rain. Many electric cars don't have a carport. It will rain when it rains. The summer sun also hurts the electric car battery. If it can be placed indoors, it can ease the battery well. The degree of damage, if there is no indoor, then rain is covered with a raincoat, and in the summer, the insulation pad is used to make the E-Motorcycle Battery take longer. Try to keep the battery and charger away from high temperature. When charging, pay attention to ventilation. Clean the dirt and dust on the battery in time. Keep the battery dry, which can prevent the battery from discharging itself.

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